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I am a mother, a wife, a business owner, a photographer, and a designer. My passion is photography and I live for it. I put all my heart into my photography, weather it is for my work or just when I take pictures when I am on vacation. My style is very vivid. I love colors and I love to include the environment into my pictures at all the different locations. 

Beautiful portraits and unforgettable stories are my passion. My sessions are very relaxed combined with a lot of fun.

Take this passion, my creativity, my sense of style, the permanent education, and photographic skills, and together we are creating beautiful portraits and memories that last forever. I want to help you finding the perfect art pieces that will blow your mind and will last for generations. Promise. 

Photos add so much meaning to your life. I know from my own life experiences of growing up in East Germany. Photography was rare and even black and white photos were a luxury. I have only one photo of my grandpa when he was in uniform after World War II, and I have no photos of my other grandad; he died when I was very young. There are precious few photos of my grandmas, now passed away. There are only a few photos of my dad who died at the age of forty-two. My family has had no family portraits taken and no professional photos at all. It is my own lack of memories in photos, lost now, that I have such a passion for helping families of my clients pass on these most important treasures to keep for a lifetime and pass them on to future generations.

I believe that the value of photography is quite under-appreciated. I want you to see the difference in my professional work.

I am a proud member of Professional Photographers of America, PPA!



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