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My goal in life is to empower women to see their own beauty. My customers tell me after the session that they felt very comfortable during the session. I am a person who enjoys every moment and I see the beauty in each of you latest when I look through my camera. Society has given us a set of standards that, I think, have expired. It’s time for society to recognize the beauty in curves, wrinkles, femininity and diversity. Let’s stop trying to force ourselves to fit into this box of perfection expected by society, let’s learn to accept and love ourselves (and others) instead. Through boudoir photography, I show women what they look like through my lens, how others see them rather than how they see themselves … picking themselves apart in front of the bathroom mirror. Trust me I know, I’ve been there! To learn all that, I did my very own Boudoir Session just last year. Read my story

During a Beauty-Session with Karina Schuh Photography, it will be YOU that stands in the spotlight. You will feel beautiful and wonderful while having a relaxed and comfortable time. The Boudoir-Photo-Session will only show the perfect side of you. 

We will meet and discuss all details about your session before. I recommend 2 to 3 outfits for your session. I encourage you to bring little details and accessories that are special to you. If you have any poses in mind, please feel free to bring your own examples that we can start off with. During your session, we will start with the outfit you are most comfortable in.

After your session, I will choose the very best images from your shoot and fully retouch them (including removal of blemishes and skin softening) and show them to you.